Bellingham Dance Company


Experienced professional instructors of many styles are here to help you learn.

We use private lessons, group classes, strength/stretch and endurance, and dance parties for a well rounded Dance/Movement education. Lessons are offered for many ages, kids and adults. A partner is not necessary for our classes.


Getting Started


I often answer the phone for potential students who are completely new to the world of ballroom dance.  I will hear many reasons why they waited so long to call, such as schedule, money...all valid reasons, but what I really want to know is what changed to make now the right time?  Aren't we always busy?  Isn't money always a little tight?

Everyday I see people spending $4 at the coffee shop, or $15+ at the movies once a week.  $129/month on cable TV, or their monthly subscriptions to online video games.  I will hear about being too busy from someone who is on some online friend site with a post every 45 minutes or less, and listen to an excuse about not going out of the house because a tv show is on.

Dancing is such a positive influence for these people when they finally come that most can't help but wonder why they didn't start sooner.  People meet their best friends dancing.  People lose weight dancing.  People improve their heart health, their brain power, their muscles mass and flexibility dancing.  Most of all people bring an element of fun and social connection back into their life in a very positive way.

For as low as $12 a week you can start dancing.  For as low as 1 hour a week you can start dancing.  Go on change your life today!

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